Are you looking for ptfe glass antistatic? Don’t look any further! Hardick provides you with a variety of ptfe fabrics in different thicknesses and designs. One example of this type of fabric is the ptfe glass antistatic fabric. This type of fabric is a closed type of fabric that can be supplied from stock. The ptfe glass antistatic fabrics from Hardick are available in a wide variety of lengths and are available at almost any desired width and can be used for multiple applications. The maximum widths of de fabric products of Hardick depend on the quality which you select. Lengths can be produced up to 500 m. If you want to know more about the possibilities and product from Hardick, feel free to give Hardick a call or send them an e-mail.

Products from ptfe glass antistatic

Hardick is a company that offers many types of ptfe glass antistatic products, with different properties. For example, you can purchase products based on their thickness, weight, coating, weave, tensile strength, and elongation at break. This last property is only available in our ptfe glass antistatic product 303X. The tensile strength of our assortment ranges from 800 to 6000 and we offer both plain and satin weaves. Are you looking for a rather thick glass antistatic product? This means that you will automatically get the most weight. You can always request a sample of all our products. This way you can see it for yourself. If you encounter any type of problem with your products, just contact the service team of Hardick. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They can provide you with a service team on-site to see what is going on and make sure that all problems are getting solved. Hardick guarantees an amazing service!

Ptfe equipment

If you want to be able to weld the ptfe coated conveyor belts from Hardick onto your own machines, then Hardick produces transportable and very efficient welding equipment. This equipment from Hardick is fast, light and very easy to use. You can also use this equipment with ptfe glass antistatic. Some facts about this type of service are:

  • Pro’s: fast and efficiently assembling a conveyor belt at your own leisure. There is no or minimal loses of valuable production time. The belt can be used to maximum usage time (there is no more need to make appointments and waiting for mechanics).
  • Applications: applications can be used with ptfe glass conveyor belts that can not be placed endless and a mechanical binder is not wanted.
  • Welding beams: to be able to weld ptfe glass antistatic coated conveyor belts, Hardick provides a range of transportable welding beams up to a maximum weld width of 3000mm. Their transportable welding beams consist of a switchbox, a welding beam and clear working instructions. 
  • Iron: to easily repair damages to ptfe-coated materials.

For special needs and circumstances we can, after negotiations, build a customer specific welder. If you have any questions about any equipment or ptfe glass antistatic from Hardick? Do not hesitate and contact them!