Keno is one of the most popular games to play at casino’s and online sportsbooks. And this has a good reason of course. Keno is a relative easy game to play and makes for a nice change with the other games you can play in the casino. If it is poker that has your fancy or that we can you mostly at the fruit slot machines, Keno is always a nice mix-up.

  • Lottery-like game
  • Defined play structure
  • Clear prize payouts

One of the biggest perks of this game is that it is so easy to play. You start with a board with 80 numbers. You make your selection from these numbers to bet on. You can do this completely at random. In fact we advise you to do it that way. Because with so many other games that you can find at a casino, people tend to come with a strategy or a certain technique to make more money. But with Keno that is in fact absolutely useless. Of course there are ways to make more money out of this game, but that has nothing to do with coming up with a strategy or a certain technique. For the biggest part it is all about having luck.

Getting lucky with Keno

It is because of the easiness of this game that people like to play it. You do not even really have to think about it. Even betting on the numbers you can do completely at random. The only things you have to think about is how much money your wagering and on how many numbers. Do you want to increase your chances of winning? This is how you do it? First of all, play longer. The longer you play, the more chances you get of winning good money. Our second tip is to bet on more numbers. This highly increases your chances of getting the same numbers that de random number generator selects. And the more numbers you have that are the same, the more money you make. Our last tip is to bet higher. Of course it must be said that you should always stay within your budget, but when you bet a higher amount of money, the money you win is also reasonably higher. And one bonus tip: just have fun. We think that most people make playing Keno less fun by taking it too seriously. Do not do that. You are here to have fun and to hopefully make some money. Nothing more.

Pick your casino

You can play the game Keno at many online casino’s. Are you looking for the full list of online casino’s to see where you would like to go to to give Keno a chance? Head on to the website Let’s Play Keno .com. Here you will not only find more information about the game (and its origin), but also a good list of online casino’s for you to go to. Most online casino’s offer a wide range of games. You cannot only play Keno, but you might be interested in giving a few other games a go as well. It is completely up to you to see what you are into. We recommend trying out different games that might suit you. Especially when this is one of your first times to go to a casino. You might never know which game will end up being your favorite. But definitely try out more than one. Keno might seem like a terrific game, but changing it up is what really makes it fun!