To establish a Dutch company in the Netherlands is recommended and a valuable addition to your current entrepreneurship. Before you initiate this, you should inform about the Dutch corporate possibilities. The English companies are known as a limited liability company, abbreviated as LLC. This is familiar with the ‘Besloten Vennootschap’ in the Netherlands, and known with the abbreviation BV. Starting a company is for the Dutch residents an extensive step. When you’re not from the Netherlands, it will be more difficult to start this. For initiatives like establish a Dutch company you should ask the consultancy of Intercompany Solutions. They are experienced in guiding entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses to other countries than their own. First they will introduce you to other company structures known in the Netherlands. When you are familiar with these forms, you can decide which one is best for yours. The BV is the most common form and you require shareholders to build this in the Netherlands. If you initiate to establish a Dutch company, you will probably have a steady base to start with like a group of shareholders and founding members who can represent the company according to the Dutch law.

The characteristics to establish Dutch company

Some requirements for starting and establish a Dutch company will be very obvious. For starters you need to have founding members. This will be the fundament of the company and from this you can begin with building your business in the Netherlands further. You also need at least one director. The director can be one of the shareholders. Luckily for a BV a high share capital is not required. An amount of 1 euro can be enough to continue to establish a Dutch company in the Netherlands. This is one of the reasons many companies are a limited liability company, known in the Netherlands as the BV. When you’re sure about the limited liability company, you can start the procedure for registering and establish a Dutch company. This includes the following steps:

  • Contact a notary to draft the articles for your association.
  • Have information available about the management board, shareholders, the business activity, the share capital and registration address.
  • Verifying the availability of the company name and reserving the name.
  • Submitting the statutory documents and deed.
  • Registering at the commercial registry of the Netherlands.
  • Open a bank account.

You need to think about a lot of procedures to start a company. Intercompany Solutions can contact you with notaries and lawyers in the Netherlands. The experts are familiar with the Dutch procedures and law. They also know the regulations and habits in your own country.

The knowledge of Intercompany Solutions

Intercompany Solutions informs you on about all obligations if you establish a Dutch Company. With their expertise they assist and support entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business to the Netherlands. One of the benefits is they can arrange a lot of other activities necessary for a company. Like bank account or finding an address for your company. It includes more than administrative registrations. You need this information for the business. Intercompany Solutions can appoint a corporate secretary to manage the activities necessary. If you are planning to take the next step to the Netherlands with your business, just contact Intercompany Solutions and read their information on You can find all the information to be completely prepared or prepare your current business to expand and establish the Dutch company. In case you want more information about the other company structures, you can also read this on their website or ask one of their consultants for advice.