Are you thinking about setup Dutch BV and you are looking for a specialist to do this accordingly? Go to the website setuyourdutchcompany to find information about the procedures and experts for an incorporate Dutch BV. The website is formed by Dike International. The name refers to the dikes the country is famous for to protect them for the water. It’s a perfect symbol for the country and for the goal this company stands for. They are reliable and steady partner for companies when they are busy with a setup Dutch BV. When you are an entrepreneur, starting an incorporate Dutch BV is a very strategic step to do. The Netherlands is a very strategic location for an office and is known for it’s international partners. When you have a corporation in the Netherlands, you can enjoy the benefits of this location. First, this gives you an opening to doing much better business through entire Europe. The Netherlands has a great reputation in Europe and many countries will prefer doing business with a company in the Netherlands. When you setup Dutch BV with Dike International, your reputation will be as reliable as the dikes the Netherlands is famous for. Dike International can make sure you have an incorporate Dutch BV within 5 days.

Establish an incorporate Dutch BV

If you are a business owner in a foreign country, it can be better to ask a specialist to setup Dutch BV. Dike International can help you with their following services for the incorporate Dutch BV:

  • Setting up your company in the Netherlands
  • Continuous Personal assistance
  • Branch registration
  • Dutch Business bank account services
  • Obtaining you VAT number and EORI number

For arranging the above you need to know all the contacts necessary. Dike International knows what to coordinate and at what office you need to be for your incorporate Dutch BV. For example, you need a location address for you incorporate Dutch BV. For a setup Dutch BV they find an address where your office can be. Of course, you need to approve the address. As soon as you have approved, documents can be prepared to register your company in the Netherlands. They would need some copies from the passports of the shareholders and directors. A power of attorney will be made so Dike International has the authority to setup Dutch BV for you. When you have signed this document, all business in the Netherlands is handed to Dike International. Of course, no actions will be continued without your approval or signature.

Why doing business in the Netherlands?

In case you hesitate for a setup Dutch BV. Dike International can inform you about an incorporate Dutch BV in the Netherlands. They can tell you about the business climate. When you are a foreign entrepreneur, you may be unfamiliar with the country. Business wise you don’t need to worry about your setup Dutch BV. The Netherlands is very dependent on international trading and therefor the international companies as well. It’s not very difficult to open an incorporate Dutch BV for this reason. Furthermore, the Dutch speak several languages as well, English is one the languages so it won’t be very difficult to find staff if you need it. If needed, they can help you with a business plan. In case you do want to start a location in the Netherlands, but don’t have a right business plan. Dike International can help you creating this, so the incorporate Dutch BV will still be possible for you. Check on to take your first step in the business climate of Europe with the reliable climate of the Netherlands.