Finding the right company to help you with industrial design is not as easy as you may like to think. Generally, when it comes to industrial design, the product is something which is very personal to you, particularly if it is the first product you have made which has made it to the industrial design phase. The trouble is, finding the right firm to help you can be a minefield. There are plenty of industrial design companies out there, and as a layman it can be near impossible to tell the difference between them. Sure, having a nice, modern, shiny website, such as, is a good sign, but there is a lot more to it. The first things you may need to consider include:

  • Price and value;
  • Location of the company;
  • Communication with the designers;
  • Timescales;
  • The companies previous experience, particularly with similar products.

Even this is not everything that you will want to know, though. The problem is that it is very difficult to find out the information that you may want or need. For that reason, we highly recommend that you ask around. Ask friends, colleagues or acquaintances. Try calling companies that produce similar products (although maybe not direct competitors, for obvious reasons) and ask them who did their industrial design, and how the process went. Spend a lot of time talking to different industrial design firms to see if they understand your vision for your product. Most importantly, do not sign up for anything until you are sure that you have found the industrial design company that fits the needs of both your product and yourself.

Industrial design companies with good reputations

As you can already see, it is very difficult to recommend one company for all possible cases. The design and manufacture of metal parts for an agricultural machine may be entirely different to a children’s toy, for example. There are, however, a few industrial design firms that have an all-round reputation strong enough to make them worthy of consideration in almost all cases. One of these I have already mentioned due to their stylish website. Alskar, though, have much more to offer than just that. They are an industrial design company based in the Netherlands, with a modern, friendly way of working which really reassures you that they end-product that they work towards is as close to what you had in mind as it can possibly be. They take care to communicate clearly and fully so that they really know what the end result should look and feel like, as well as exactly how it should function. Their work is efficient and they do all that they can to stick to agreed deadlines and timescales. In almost any case, it is worth at least looking at and giving them a call when the time comes with your product.

The signs to warn you off of a company

As well as companies with excellent reputations, such as Alskar, there are other companies which should be avoided at all costs. We are not going to name them here, but there are some clear signs when you talk to them. Being difficult to contact should be a strong sign that their communication is less than ideal. A refusal to show previous products for which they were involved in the industrial design is a reason to run a mile. Even one bad review from a friend or acquaintance should also make you think twice before contracting a firm. Take care when making your choice.